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Publication Process

The publication process for The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences outlined as below:

1. Submission: Authors can submit their manuscripts through the online submission system or via email.

2. Formatting Accuracy Check: The Managing Editor conducts an initial screening to ensure the manuscript adheres to formatting guidelines.

3. Plagiarism Screening: The submitted manuscript undergoes a plagiarism check. If the similarity index is below 15%, it proceeds to the next stage.

4. Double-Blind Review Process: Manuscripts passing the initial checks are sent for a double-blind peer review process with the consent of the Chief Editor.

5. Peer Review: Reviewers evaluate the manuscript and provide feedback. The manuscript is then returned to the author with reviewer comments.

6. Author Revisions: Authors are required to revise their manuscripts based on reviewer feedback and address any issues raised during the peer review.

7. Editorial Decision: The Chief Editor, in consultation with the editorial team, decides whether the revised manuscript is suitable for publication.

8. Publication Decision: If the Chief Editor approves, the manuscript is considered for publication, and the author is informed of the decision.

9. Correspondence: Throughout the process, there is continuous correspondence between the Chief Editor and other editors involved.

10. Final Publication: Once accepted, the manuscript undergoes final formatting and editing before being published in The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences.