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About Journal

Welcome to The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences! We're excited to present Volume 3, which is being inaugurated on 24th November 2023.

Since our establishment in 2019, our journal has been committed to fostering scholarly discussions and interdisciplinary research. Our goal is to provide a platform where academics, researchers, and practitioners can share their insights and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in management, technology, and social sciences.

Volume 3 represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence and intellectual exploration. We've curated a diverse collection of articles covering various topics, including business management, emerging technologies, sustainability, social impact, and policy studies.

We are grateful to the authors, reviewers, and readers who have played a crucial role in shaping the success of our journal. Your contributions have helped us build a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners.

We invite you to explore the thought-provoking articles and research findings in this edition. Our aim is to bridge the gap between academia and real-world applications, fostering innovation and facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Together with that, we get a licence for journal publication from Creative Commons as below:
Journal Article © 2024 by The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences becomes a valuable resource, inspiring new ideas, collaborations, and discoveries.

Aims and Scope of The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences



The primary mission of The OCEM Journal is to foster the dissemination of high-quality, original research in the diverse fields of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences. We aim to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share innovative insights, contribute to the existing knowledge base, and advance the understanding of crucial issues in these multidisciplinary domains.


The OCEM Journal invites submissions of original research papers that significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the following areas:

1. Management:

   - Strategic Management

   - Organizational Behavior

   - Human Resource Management

   - Marketing Management

   - Operations and Supply Chain Management

   - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

2. Technology

   - Engineering and Technology

   - Information Technology

   - Computer Science

   - Data Science and Analytics

   - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

3. Life Sciences and Medical Sciences

   - Biotechnology

   - Bioinformatics

   - Pharmaceutical Sciences

   - Healthcare Management

   - Medical Research and Innovations

4. Sociology and Education

   - Social Sciences

   - Sociology

   - Education and Pedagogy

   - Social Policy and Development

5. Computer Science and Information Technology

   - Software Engineering

   - Network Security

   - Cloud Computing

   - Human-Computer Interaction

   - Internet of Things (IoT)

Journal Publication Frequency

The OCEM Journal publishes one volume per year, featuring 10 to 15 meticulously selected articles. This annual publication cycle ensures a thorough blind peer review process and maintains a high standard of quality in the published content.

Submission Format

Manuscripts submitted to The OCEM Journal should adhere to our standardized format, which includes sections such as Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings and Discussion, Conclusion, and References. The reference style should follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA).


We welcome researchers and scholars to contribute their original work to The OCEM Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences, where interdisciplinary perspectives converge to shape the future of knowledge across various domains.